Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chapter 10 - Insatiable Appetite

WARNING: This chapter contains strong language, explicit sexual content (pictures included), and nudity.

The first place Xavier took Allanna was a club called the Lucky Strike. At first, Allanna thought it was a casino, but it turned out to be both a casino and a high-end club. Xavier's wad of cash got them in without any issues.

Allanna was thrilled to be carded and actually be of legal drinking age for the first time in her life (Xavier had even called in a new ID for her, explaining that she’d lost her old one, which she had when she’d been abducted), and took full advantage of the situation.

Music played in the background, sometimes soft and sometimes loud, and the clinging of slot machines was deafening at times, but Allanna actually found herself to be having fun.

After a few drinks, she gazed longingly at the doors. Xavier followed her gaze and was about to take her outside just for a little bit when he spotted other patrons dancing behind them.

“May I have this dance, birthday girl?” he asked.

Allanna just stared at him. “Uh…why do you want to dance with me? Won’t I disgust you, being so close to you?”

“I don’t even notice your smell anymore. And I know you don’t notice mine.”

“I…I don’t know how to dance.”

“There’s nothing to it. I can teach you.”

Xavier gently tugged on Allanna’s wrist as she began to protest again, and soon found herself on the dance floor with Xavier’s right arm around her waist and his left hand on her right hand. He gently began swaying to the music, leading her body to do the same. Slow dancing was surprisingly easy. It just seemed so…formal for a werewolf. Dancing definitely seemed to be a vampire pastime. For werewolves, it was running and hunting.

“My mother taught me to dance,” Xavier explained. “She believed that every gentleman should know how to waltz at the very least.”

“It’s just so…amazing.”

“What’s that? Dancing?”

“No. I mean, look at us. We’re natural born enemies, we come from completely different worlds, and here we are, dancing like we’re…”

“In love.”

“My brain thought too fast. I didn’t mean to think that. What I meant to think, and say, was good friends.”

“I’ll buy that as well.”

Allanna felt her arm move up around Xavier’s neck and he drew her a little closer as the music slightly changed tempo. Allanna was beginning to feel something she’d never felt before, but she couldn’t describe what it was.

But she was sure of one thing – she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had such a great evening.

When the song ended, Allanna decided to get another drink, as the dancing had spiked her body temperature. She and Xavier went back to the bar, and she was surprised to see Xavier order a drink also.

“I thought you only drank one thing,” she remarked.

“Mostly, but I enjoy a bit of alcohol every now and then. My other choice of drink, as you’re well aware, is the best thing for me. I can, of course, eat human food, but I still have to quench my thirst.”

The two finished off several more drinks before Allanna started getting tipsy. Xavier finally pulled her away from the bar and ushered her back to the suite.

Once inside the suite, Allanna said, “I thought the point of turning 21 was to get as trashed as you could because you can legally drink.”

“Perhaps, but I don’t want you to get that intoxicated. For all I know, it could mess up your wolf insides.”

“No, it won’t. That’s a fact. But I guess I should thank you for looking out for me.”

“You’re welcome. I know this wasn’t much, but I hope you had a good time.”

“I did, actually. At first, I thought it would be the worst birthday ever. But now, well, I have to say that it was one of the best.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that.”

“And…I want to thank you for tonight, and for saving my life twice, and for looking out for me, and for not killing me.”

“That’s a lot to be thanking me for.”

“Then I hope this will do.”

Allanna stepped closer with a determined look in those gorgeous eyes of hers. Then, surprisingly, she tilted her head up and touched her lips to his.

Xavier wasn’t sure what to do at first, but he didn’t put up a fight. In fact, he wrapped his arms around Allanna and returned the kiss with urgency. He could feel it in her mind as well as her tongue, and even more clearly inside his pants. It was obvious from the way her body was reacting that a lot of the reason why Allanna had been so moody lately was because she had a large amount of pent-up sexual frustration. She’d been wanting to do something physical, like running, before she went stir-crazy.

Xavier was about to grant that wish, but in a way that was much more enticing than running. They both had insatiable appetites that needed to be tended to.

Their tongues glided against each other and explored each other’s mouths as they moved toward the bedroom. Her dress hit the floor in a matter of seconds. It didn’t take long for his shirt and pants to follow, and Allanna was able to confirm that he did, indeed, have a "happy trail" as she'd called it in her mind. The kissing didn’t subside as Xavier reached around her and began to unclasp her bra.

Her breasts were perfectly round and firm, and he teased her when he inserted one into his mouth. A moan escaped from her lips before she reached down and practically yanked his boxers off. He could tell from her thoughts that she liked what she felt.

“I take it back,” she said breathlessly as she saw the most interesting part of his body, “if I stuffed that thing down your throat, you would choke, and very fast.”

Xavier just grinned seductively before kissing her again. His fingers explored the rest of her body, eventually finding her most sensitive area. She gasped as they entered her, teasing her until finally they collapsed onto the bed and she whispered, “Do you have a condom?”

“Fuck,” Xavier said as he realized belatedly that he didn’t have one. He hadn’t anticipated this happening, but he sure didn’t want to stop.

Allanna sighed. Her loins burned with desire. She’d been on birth control pills in the past, but hadn’t taken them in a while. Surely she could take a morning after pill, right?

“Just…pull out,” she mumbled to Xavier.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Just, do it. Give it to me!”

Allanna’s request was all Xavier needed. He got on top of her and teased her a little bit more with his fingers before she finally dug her nails into his arms and begged him for it.

This just turned him on even more. Parting her thighs, he entered her and she wrapped her legs around his back.

Allanna sucked in her breath as she took in his thickness. It completely enveloped her in a sensation the likes of which she’d never felt before. When he moved, she couldn’t control herself. One thing was for sure – she wasn’t the quiet type.

“Oh yeah,” she said as her voice got louder and louder. Xavier hoped the guests in the adjoining rooms didn’t hear anything. Hopefully they were downstairs gambling. How ironic, they were in Vegas, and he was getting lucky, and money had nothing to do with it.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Allanna yelled, “That’s it! Harder! Harder!”

Xavier happily obliged. He felt his impending release, but he wasn’t ready to let go yet.

Instead, he sat up and changed positions.

Allanna’s nails dug into his back, prompting him to move faster. Her boobs jiggled in his face as she bounced up and down, moaning in ecstasy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed. Xavier’s ears didn’t pick up on anyone in the next rooms, which was a good sign because they surely would have awakened by now with all the ruckus Allanna was making. And yet, he didn’t care. This just felt too damn good to worry about the neighbors.

Besides, they were in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be the first time a hotel suite was used for this kind of activity.

“Aaahh! Aaahh!” Allanna shouted, her breasts bouncing merrily. Her nails dug into his neck, which she’d wrapped her hands around, and he felt her clench as she felt her release. He could hold back no longer. He lifted her off of him and spun around to face away from her as his climax shot onto the floor and became encrusted in the carpet.

When he was finished, he collapsed back onto the bed, where Allanna was lying, trying to catch her breath. She looked at him and then said, “Shit Xavier, what the fuck was that?”


  1. Wow, talk abt drama! So they slept together? Interesting!

  2. Now things will really get interesting between them now that they have slept together.

    What a birthday.

  3. LOL Val! Yes, drama indeed! I love it! :D Yep, they slept together, if you can technically call that sleeping. *cough* :D

    jazen, Oh yes, things will definitely get interesting now. Or will they get awkward? How will either one of them react to their rash actions? You'll find out in chapter 11! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  4. OOO they "slept" together but was it just out of the moment because then things could get very ackward lol. Great Chapter :)

  5. Oh, she made me laugh, how she screamed. And that shot that he released himself afterwards. haha
    The pictures were lovely Tenderwolf. I am curious whats going to happen now. Was this just attraction or are they falling in love. Great chapter!

  6. Yay for comments! :D

    Morgan - Indeed they did, although there wasn't much sleeping beforehand. hahaha

    Dutchy - lol Yes, since she's part wolf, I have to make her scream/howl. :p I hope I put up enough warnings in case that chapter made people uncomfortable. Eek! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Seaweedy - Wow indeed! Glad to hear you caught up! Thanks for reading! :)

  7. Holy crapperz!
    This was certainly an interesting birthday for Allanna! Im wondering if it was all the drinking though to got her..ahem...frisky. As she did initiate it.

    I wonder how this is going to be the next day! If they will be uncomfortable with each other and feel a relaxed calm around each other.

  8. LOL Dusty! Yes, that was an interesting birthday indeed! She wasn't too drunk, but she's been going a little stir-crazy and she was so surprised/happy about Xavier's kindness that she didn't stop herself. She meant it to just be a kiss, but obviously it didn't stop there. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. The birthday outing was nice for her.
    The dessert... hahaha ... she asked "what was that?" She needs a round two.

    1. LOL! Mmm dessert. That's always the best part of the meal! :D What was that indeed! rofl Thanks again!