WARNING: This story is rated 18+. It has strong language, sexual content with pictures, violence, and subjects that some viewers may find offensive. Please don't read unless you can handle it. Thanks!

This story is a Sims 3 fan fiction written by me. It's a different take on the traditional vampires vs. werewolves conflict, full of drama, romance, betrayal, etc. I tried to incorporate EA's vampire programming with actual vampire and werewolf history/legends, including some information from movies and books I've read (yes, Twilight is among them).

It all begins with a plot. The town of Duskwood holds an invisible barrier that divides the werewolves from the vampires. The former live in the shabbier part of town while the latter have fancier houses, some of which are even big mansions. Battles for territory in this town have gone on for many years, and now the leader of the vampire clan comes up with the perfect scheme - kidnap the wolf pack leader's daughter and hold her for ransom in exchange for their land. He instructs Xavier Deitrech to guard the girl, Allanna Lycoris.

Off to a very rocky start, the two eventually learn things about each other and even form an unofficial truce. The two fall in love, much to the chagrin of both their kinds. Will their forbidden romance finally end the lifelong war between the two species? Or will their efforts be in vain?

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