Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chapter 18 - Tribunal

WARNING: This chapter contains strong language and very explicit sexual content (pictures containing nudity included).

Four months later…

Allanna’s stomach grew at a normal rate, much to the surprise of both her and Xavier. Xavier enjoyed playing with her expanding baby bump, and would always try to listen to the creature gestating inside to see if they could get some answers regarding what it would be.

He also tried talking to the fetus inside and would touch Allanna's stomach, but his efforts to find out anything were always in vain. He couldn't get any information on what kind of creature they'd bred.

Though she tried to hide it, Xavier knew that Allanna’s worries increased every day. Not only was she worried about what they’d bred, but she also worried about what it would look like after she delivered it.

Xavier tried to find ways to ease her mind, but that was easier said than done. She no longer had morning sickness, but her hormones were still running wild. One minute she was pissed off, the next she was horny, and the next she was depressed. It was completely unpredictable, even with his mind-reading ability. Then he came up with an idea.

“I was thinking,” he said to her one day as they were attempting to watch TV. “I know of something that might help to end this ridiculous rivalry between our kinds.”

“What is it?”

“Well, they’re looking at us as two natural enemies who committed adultery. Perhaps it would help if we got married. Our kinds both strongly believe in that.”

“You can’t be serious. They already know I’m pregnant, getting married won’t change that.”

“All right, then why don’t we get married for us instead of them?”

Allanna gaped at Xavier. Was he serious? She really didn’t see that coming.

“Of course I’m serious,” he affirmed with an earnest look on his face. “I love you, Allanna. I realize that times are different now, but in my time, people got married to signify how much they love each other. I want that for us.”

Xavier stood up then, stood Allanna up, then knelt down, took her hand in his, and asked, “Allanna Lycoris, you’re my essence and my reason for existing. I love you more than life itself. Will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?”

Allanna was speechless for a moment before she began crying with joy and finally answered, “Yes, I will. I love you too, Xavier.”

Xavier stood up then and encompassed Allanna with a tight embrace. She hugged him back with a sudden feeling of bliss and relief. Maybe this was a sign that everything was going to be all right.


The wedding wasn’t extravagant. It was a private ceremony in front of a judge. Both Xavier and Allanna wished the wedding could have been more traditional, but because everyone they knew were in the middle of a century-long brawl, not to mention pissed off at them, there was nothing more they could do.

But that didn’t make their wedding night any less romantic. Even though Allanna’s stomach was getting bigger, Xavier still found her to be gorgeous. She was literally glowing as she carried their child inside of her, and both of them were beginning to think that their bundle of joy wouldn’t be a monster after all. Xavier had also managed to get them both some pretty matching wedding rings to symbolize their love. He got Allanna a gold one, not knowing that werewolves could touch silver, it just couldn’t get into their bloodstream.

“Come and get it,” Allanna called seductively from the bedroom. Xavier chuckled before entering the bedroom in his boxers. Allanna was lying on the bed in sexy lingerie with a very tempting look on her face.

Xavier licked his lips playfully before climbing onto the bed. He started to pull Allanna down, but she instructed him to stay put. She then got up and did a little strip tease dance.

Xavier let out a wolf whistle as Allanna danced along to some music she put on the radio. She giggled and began moving her hands all across her muscular body before pretending to unclasp her bra.

“How do these look now?” she asked seductively.

“Huge,” Xavier replied. “Bring those fun bags over here.”

“How bad do you want it?”

“I can taste it.”

Allanna wiggled her eyebrows and began crawling forward on the bed.

“Come on baby,” Xavier cooed.

Allanna laughed before hovering above him, teasing him even more.

“Your boobs are so fucking huge,” Xavier moaned in ecstasy, his erection throbbing against Allanna’s thigh.

Allanna responded by jiggling them in front of his face. He pulled one out, grabbed a protruding pink nipple, and flicked at it with his tongue. Then he took the tender thing in his mouth and began sucking. Allanna moaned, feeling herself grow moist.

“You better get used to this,” Xavier said after he took a break, “because you’ll be doing a lot of it when the baby comes.”

Allanna stuck her tongue out at Xavier before tearing his boxers off, removing her panties and bra, and climbing on top of him. She teased him some more by not inserting his stiff member inside her, and he finally ended up begging for it.

“I like when you beg for your treat,” she mused.

“Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” he chortled. “Besides, isn’t it usually the dog that begs for treats?”

“I’m not that kind of dog.”

Xavier laughed and finally Allanna lowered herself onto his shaft. It felt so good he was afraid he wouldn’t last as long as he wanted to. He also wasn’t sure who was moaning louder – him or her.

“Oh yeah baby,” he said, picking up her habit of moaning in ecstasy. It turned her on even more, and he loved when she was dominant in bed. Her breasts went up and down as she bounced on top of him and he grabbed them eagerly, teasing her nipples with his thumbs.

“Oh yes,” she breathed as she quickened her pace. Xavier felt himself on the verge of release, but he wasn’t finished yet. He lifted Allanna off of him and then laid her flat on the bed.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I’m not done.”

“Neither am I.”

Xavier then returned the pleasures she’d given him down south and put his tongue to work.

“Holy fuck,” Allanna gasped, and Xavier knew she’d never had this done before. He took full advantage of this and swirled his tongue in and out, around and round. She grasped the bedspread for support with one hand and pushed his head closer with the other.

“Oh fuck yes,” she said, her screams getting louder and louder as she tugged at his hair, pushing his head closer to his destination. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Xavier had no intention of stopping. It wasn’t until after he received a sweet drink and heard Allanna’s content sigh that he stopped. He then flipped her onto her stomach, propped her up on all fours, and entered her from behind.

“Yes!” she screamed. He knew how much she loved this. “Oh fuck! Yeah! Oooohhh!”

Xavier couldn’t resist reaching around and stroking her most sensitive area with his finger. This made Allanna curl down, putting her head on the bed for support, and scream.

“Oh, Xavier! Let me have it!”

Xavier did let her have it, until he could hold out no longer. He moaned her name as he finished, squeezing his fingers into her sides.

“Ouch,” she said.

“Sorry. Shit, I hope I didn’t leave bruises.”

“It’s fine. Just don’t squeeze there, you might hurt the baby.”

“I’m sorry. So, how was that for a wedding night?”

“Fucking amazing. I swear, you just get better every time you do me.”

“You know what they say. Practice makes perfect.”

Allanna just rolled her eyes playfully at Xavier. One thing was certain – if she kept getting exercise like this, she wouldn’t have to worry about being super fat after the baby was born. She was gasping for air, but in a good way. She couldn’t have imagined a more perfect wedding night. She sat up and pulled Xavier toward her to give him a kiss.

“I love you, my dearest,” Xavier said to Allanna.

“And I love you too,” Allanna replied. Never before had such true words been spoken. At least, not by her. She had no doubts and no regrets. She no longer cared that she was ostracized from her own kind. She didn’t care that her family hated her and how they considered her a huge disappointment. All that mattered was that she was going to be in the arms of Xavier Deitrech for the rest of her life.


Duskwood was on the brink of an even deadlier war. The hatred could be felt in the air as both species prepared for the inevitable.

Mortius was perched in his chair during the vampire tribunal, stating what the next steps would be.

“Malik has been dealt with accordingly,” he said, and he didn’t miss the slight look of resentment that passed over Cedric’s face as he said this, “and our next step is to destroy Xavier Deitrech. The charge is treason, the sentence is death. He betrayed us, followed in his mother’s footsteps, and now he’s impregnated the enemy. We don’t know what they’ve created, but it will be an abomination regardless. A vampire with mutt blood in it must not be allowed to live. And that means taking the life of its expectant mother as well. She brought this upon all of us. She brainwashed Xavier into turning against us, and now they must both pay.”

“When will we get this revenge?” Gloria asked eagerly. She’d given up on Xavier after he’d slept with the enemy, but she’d experience just as much pleasure in killing him as sleeping with him.

“In time, daughter,” Mortius replied. “We’re all very thirsty, pardon the pun, for revenge, and we shall have it. I think even those animals on the other side of Duskwood would agree with that.”

Gloria snickered and the rest of the vampires joined in. Mortius stood up and said, “We will have our revenge! Treason is punishable by death, and we’ll take not only the life of Xavier Deitrech, but also that of his werewolf lover, and their abomination of a child!”

The vampires let out a chorus of cheers and raised their fists in the air like an angry mob. Mortius grinned in satisfaction. If there was one thing he couldn’t tolerate, it was insubordination. Xavier had been very insubordinate in not obeying his orders and then claiming to have fallen in love with a beast. Such a thing wasn’t possible.

And he couldn’t wait to prove it.


  1. ~ So I had a thought about multiple birth,but I think it is maybe a bit out there!LOL!
    ~ So they are married,I still do not think it will make much of a difference,unless the Babies are true Hybrids & a new superior breed,with the strengths of both,something that would be stronger than both would also survive better!
    ~ Can not wait for more!(",)

    1. hehehehe Oh I don't know, maybe Xavier is extra fertile and they'll end up with multiple babies! :p Yeah, they're married now, but you're right, it probably won't make any difference to their families. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. All caught up. Not sure why blogger is hit or miss with the update notifications. A lot has happened. Pregnant, married, on the run. Both sides want them dead. I am hoping at least her father will come to his senses and try to save his daughter. Or even better, someone will get tired of Mortius and over throw him.

    1. Oh this silly website, I have the same issues with the updates. Sometimes I just go in and check each page individually to make sure I haven't missed anything. Yeah, a lot has happened for our two lovers indeed. Darius will hopefully come to his senses, and hopefully Mortius will get taken out of the picture. No one likes him. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Poor Malik :( I hope he isn't dead. If he is, Cedric is ripe for revenge I am sure.
    Mortius accusing Allanna of brainwashing is just too funny. If he believed Xavier was the victim, he wouldn't kill him, right? I don't look forward to Gloria's actions.

    1. Yeah, poor Malik bit the dust because he helped Xavier and Allanna escape Duskwood. Cedric is Mortius's right-hand man, so he looks at it like he did the right thing by killing the traitor, unfortunately. Gloria's reactions? Oh man, those are always pleasant...haha

  4. The uh intimate scene was hot. lol not gonna lie! I've been pregnant before and I have to say, the author must have been too, yup! haha if not then you're well-informed!

    1. My work is complete! My intimacy scene was hot! :D I must admit, I've never written anything like that before; in fact, I've never written an 18+ story before period, not for Sims or anything. I'm well-informed? lol Yeah I've never been pregnant in my life, all that pregnancy stuff is based on other things I've read and movies I've watched. That's funny. :D

  5. Yes you are informed indeed, being pregnant and horny? Yeah..and I was quite happy to know Xavier returned the favor in such a state, everything is intensified to a different degree! haha