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Chapter 14 - Futility

WARNING: This chapter contains explicit sexual content and nudity (including pictures) and strong language.

They stayed at Shadow Grove for almost another month, but for once, Allanna didn’t mind being so isolated. It gave her even more time to experience Xavier’s talents.

The love they made was out of this world. She couldn’t get enough of it. They christened the entire house, not even caring that Vivica might have done the same with Savek.

They did it in the bedroom.

They did it in the bathroom.

They did it in the kitchen.

They did it in the living room.

They were having so much sex that it was hard to think of anything else but their sweet sonatas. Xavier had managed to pry himself away from Allanna’s tempting body long enough to get them some new clothes. The ones they’d originally been wearing were practically torn apart now.

Allanna still hunted for food for the two of them, and though it wasn’t as good as human blood, it was better than nothing. But the really important thing was that the two had found solace in each other.

But that solace came with a price. They were deeply in love with each other, but their kinds would never understand. Xavier would likely suffer the same fate as his mother, while Allanna would probably be shunned and exiled from the pack. Was their love that strong? Was it even worth it?

“What can we gain out of this?” Allanna asked one day as the two chatted on the bed.

Xavier could hear Allanna’s doubts clearly in her mind. One thing they could gain was great sex, but was that really worth betraying their families?

“We’ve living in a modern day Romeo and Juliet,” Xavier observed.

“I don’t know how this happened. I know they say opposites attract, and I guess we were both pretty curious about each other since we’re supposed to be natural enemies, but still. I just don’t know anymore.”

“You miss your family.”

“Yes, I do. Wolves travel in packs, remember? We’re very close.”

“Well, I have nothing to go back to.”

“That’s not true. You have a nice house I’m sure, and a lot of money, and you said you have your father and siblings.”

“They’re dead to me. They’re on Mortius’s side, and my house isn’t particularly extravagant. I try not to pride myself on being wealthy.”

Allanna wrapped an arm around Xavier’s waist and stared into his gorgeous eyes. In fact, she'd noticed that they were more of an aquamarine color than an icy one, though sometimes they alternated between the two colors. They captivated her and drew her in even more. “I just wish there was something we could do. This war has been going on for centuries. Werewolves and vampires have been natural enemies for so long that no one’s considered changing it.”

“You’re right. Maybe my mother had ulterior motives in mind besides love.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe she had the same idea that I’m getting. Perhaps she was hoping to end the hatred between vampires and werewolves at long last.”

“You think she was trying to get them to form a truce?”

“Something like that.”

“And you’re getting the same idea?”

“I think it would be worth a try.”

“Xavier, I think it’s too late. This hatred between our species has gone on for so long that they don’t know anything else.”

“Allanna," Xavier cupped her chin in his hand, "this might be the only way we can be together. It also might be the only way to save your home.”

Allanna sighed. She couldn’t deny that she wanted to be with Xavier. He made her feel safe and special, and he’d defied his own orders to help her. She’d never felt this way before about anyone, and she didn’t want to stop feeling this way.

“All right,” she said at last. “Let’s do it.”


“Yeah. I’m tired of having to worry about losing my home, and I know the rest of the pack is too. It’s time to do something about it.”

“This could be dangerous. I should go with you when you tell your family.”

“No way, it would be more dangerous for you to be there than it would be for me going alone. They wouldn’t even let me talk before jumping you.”

“I won’t let you be unprotected on my account.”

“I won’t be unprotected. My father wouldn’t kill me, the worst he’d do is exile me and I’d leave. You, on the other hand, need protection.”

With that, Allanna grasped Xavier’s right palm and used her long nail to etch a pentagram pattern into it. “This makes me your victim technically, but it also means that no one else can touch you. That includes your kind. At least you’ll be protected.”

Xavier looked down at the invisible mark on his palm. How ironic, it was Allanna who was protecting him, instead of the other way around. It didn’t make him feel particularly masculine.

“So, now that we have a plan,” Allanna said, “should we be going home soon?”

“I’ll take you home tomorrow. But I won’t be far away. I won’t leave you there completely alone.”

“Fair enough. You can keep watch then. And Xavier?”


“Thank you.”

Before Xavier could respond, Allanna was on top of him, giving him eager kisses.

Xavier kissed her back just as eagerly, feeling the familiar bulge form in the front of his pants. Allanna took it upon herself to do something about that. She unbuttoned his shirt, leaving a trail of kisses all the way down to his pants. She then unbuttoned and unzipped those pants, revealing his long member, rock-solid and waiting. She licked her lips seductively before using that tongue to tease Xavier, then at last taking him inside her.

Xavier couldn’t stifle a moan. This girl really knew what she was doing when it came to fellatio. He thought he was about to burst when she stripped down to her lingerie and removed his pants before climbing back on top of him. He hurled his shirt to the floor and looked into her eyes.

“Allanna,” he said breathlessly, “I love you. You’re my essence, and without you, I’m nothing.”

“I love you, too. And I don’t give a shit if it’s forbidden. I want to be with you, and that’s what’s gonna happen. Now shut up and do me.”

He loved when she was bossy. And he obliged without any complaints. Allanna stripped off her undergarments and took control, much to Xavier’s delight. Her ample breasts bounced up and down like two super balls as she ground against him harder and harder, calling out his name as she climaxed.

Physically and emotionally spent, Allanna collapsed into Xavier’s arms. “Are you really sure about this?” she asked him, referring to the truce they hoped to form between their species.

“Absolutely. I’ve witnessed this war for nearly a century, and I’ve grown quite tired of it. It’s time to turn things around.”

Allanna changed positions, then snuggled deeper into Xavier’s arms and fell asleep. Xavier spent the time contemplating the best approach for their new goal. It was hard to believe that when they’d started this adventure, they couldn’t stand the sight of each other. Now, they were practically inseparable. And if they accomplished this goal, that’s how they’d remain for eternity.


The next day, the two prepared to head back to Duskwood. Xavier could read Allanna’s mind, and it was a mixture of determination, hope, and uncertainty. One minute she’d think they’d really manage to end this war once and for all, yet another she’d think their efforts would be futile. But there was only one way to find out for sure.

“Remember,” Xavier said as he drove Allanna’s Bug, “I’ll stay as close as I can just as a precaution. Hopefully I’ll be far enough away so that none of your pack can detect me.”

“Thanks, and I’ll do the same thing when you tell Mortius.”

“I don’t intend to tell Mortius. I intend to tell Malik. We’ve been friends for nearly 55 years. I trust him. He can talk to his father, who is a very close friend of Mortius. Hopefully we’ll get something accomplished that way.”

“Let’s hope so.”

The closer they got to Duskwood, the more anxious they both became. Xavier felt his feelings begin to imitate Allanna’s. Mortius was a very powerful vampire, and he wasn’t one who could easily be bargained with. And the alpha male of a wolf pack was unlikely to yield to the enemy. But they had to try. It was time to stop standing idly by while the two species had asinine feuds after thousands of years.

When they arrived back in Duskwood, Xavier headed toward the run-down part of town that was the werewolves’ home. He stopped the car near a bridge a few miles away and Allanna walked the rest of the way toward her parents’ house. She couldn’t deny the feelings of relief and happiness she felt when she looked at it.

Allanna walked up the steps and, out of impulse, rang the doorbell. It was broad daylight, and she and Xavier had agreed to come then since it was when vampires were at their weakest. Xavier himself was enduring the sun for Allanna’s sake. Since this was a weekday, her siblings would be at school, though Lacey would probably be inside playing somewhere.

The door flew open and Allanna found herself staring into the worried eyes of her mother. When she saw who was staring back at her, her eyes misted over with tears before she asked skeptically, “Allanna?”

“Yeah, Mom. It’s me.”

Lupe threw her arms around her daughter’s neck as the tears finally spilled over. Darius came out from around the couch to see what was going on, and he had a similar reaction to his wife.

“It’s a miracle,” he declared as he embraced his long-lost daughter.

Allanna returned the hug, but her father suddenly jumped back, his nose twitching and scrunching up. “Allanna, you smell terrible. What is that?”

“That’s actually something I need to talk to you about.”

“Get in here, how did you get away from those leeches? Did they hurt you? If they did, I swear…”

“No, Dad. Listen.”

Allanna followed her parents into the living room and they all three sat down on the couch, Allanna between them. She took a deep breath and began.

“I was kidnapped by a vampire,” she began, “and they had a plan to use me to…”

“I know,” her father interjected. “I got a letter about that.”

“You did? And you didn’t even try to save me?”

“Of course I did. I was trying to come up with a plan to get you out of wherever those bastards had you without getting caught, and without signing that treaty that came with the note.”

“I figured that’s what you were trying to do. But anyway, the leader of this vampire clan had another vampire watch me to make sure I didn’t escape. He had me locked up in this silver cage and I couldn’t get out. He got bored and started a conversation, and it turns out…Mom, Dad, he’s a really good guy. His mother was killed by the clan leader because she fell in love with a werewolf like us, and he…”

“Stop right there,” Darius said, a scowl across his hard face. “Did you just say that blood-sucker is a good guy? Allanna, I know about their mind tricks. They’ve brainwashed you.”

“No, Dad. I swear, I convinced him that his real enemy wasn’t his mother’s lover, it was his clan leader because he ordered her to be killed. When he realized that, and when I told him that you’d never surrender to the enemy, he busted me out of that cage and took me to Vegas. He’s been protecting me.”

“Protecting you?” Darius chortled. “The son of a bitch kidnapped you twice and you say he’s protecting you?”

“Dad, Xavier wants to end this stupid war between werewolves and vampires once and for all, and so do I.”

Darius furrowed his brow while Lupe sucked in her breath. Clearly neither one of them had expected to hear this from their daughter.

When Darius spoke again, his voice was stern. “Those cretins enslaved our ancestors, treated our kind like shit, and you expect us to just forget about that and forgive them? I think you’ve been in captivity for too long.”


“Enough!” Darius stood up angrily. “I don’t want to hear any more about it! You aren’t even going back to Cynthia’s. You’re staying here with us so we can keep an eye on you.”

“You can’t do that!” Allanna argued as she jumped to her feet.

“Can’t I? Not only am I your father, I’m the alpha wolf of this pack. And what I say goes!”

Allanna could feel herself getting angry enough to transform, but she managed to spit, “You’re no different than Mortius! Just because you’re the leader, you think everyone has to listen to you no matter what!”

“That’s enough! Don’t talk to your father like that!”

Allanna felt her animal instincts kicking in, but not to transform or fight this time. She felt herself kneeling down in front of her superior, whose voice was thunderous and menacing. One didn’t dare disobey the alpha. She found herself cowering in fear, her confidence shattered.

That was that. There was no way that she’d be allowed to see Xavier again. Her father’s orders were for her to stay in her parents’ house, which meant that the other wolves, under her father’s command, would keep watch of the house so she couldn’t try to escape. What a welcome home present.

Her parents stalked out of the room, leaving Allanna with her thoughts. As she remembered Xavier’s eyes, his chiseled abs, and his devotion to her (not to mention his talents in bed), she found herself sinking to the floor and bursting into tears. She should have known this plan would never work. Once, she and Xavier had been one, like the sonata of a song. But now, they were separate, two lovers forbidden to see each other because of grudges that had been established centuries before either of them were born. They would both just have to accept their fate and the reality of the situation – the war between werewolves and vampires would never cease.


  1. So her father is going to hold her as a prisoner now? What kind of messed up shit is that?

    Xavier isn't going to let this go and I fear he will come to try and save her.

    This is going to get bad really fast.

  2. hehe That is pretty messed up, isn't it jazen? Xavier won't like that at all! Of course, maybe he doesn't know for sure what's going on. Maybe he's got something else up his sleeve. :D You'll find out in the next chapters! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. WOW WOW WOW! SUPER WOW! This is getting quite addictive I must say. Xavier looks so bloody hot in this one!!!! EEEP!

    If you don't mind, will you read my legacy?

  4. Thanks Yufei! Glad you're enjoying the story! :) hehe Yeah, I must admit that I like the looks of Xavier in this one too. :p I'll give your legacy a shot! Now all I need is more time on my hands. :D

  5. ~ I knew it would come down to this, as they did need to stop running & try & sort things out,so they could live normally,or as close to normal as possible,but it will take more than their love to sort this mess out!
    ~ I know Xavier will go ballistic if they keep her locked away from him!
    ~ I wonder what they will do now?
    ~ And is there a hybrid on the way,after all they were at it like rabbits,& they are both humanoid!
    ~ That would cause a stir!!!!!!
    ~ More when you can!Thanks for sharing with us,I love this!(",)

  6. Thanks again Aussie, so glad you're enjoying it! lol Funny you should mention the hybrid, I hadn't even heard of one until watching The Vampire Diaries. :D Yeah, how ironic that they're basically living off rabbits, and they're going at it like them! :D How will Xavier react to Allanna's parents' actions? Will the two species ever be able to overcome this centuries-long hatred of each other? You'll have to wait and see! ;) Thanks again!

  7. hey TW! I wanted to thank you for putting my stories on your blogroll. :D I just saw that Platinum was on there, then I looked and saw the rest of my stories too! ^^ Thank you so much again.

    Sorry I haven't commented in forever. I will get caught up on your story soon. A ton of stuff has been going on in the last couple of months, and I'd been working on the new story to help get my mind off things... 'nuff said.

    *huggles* :)

    1. Hi Jen! Yes, I found Platinum yesterday while reading the last few chapters of Bloodlust, so I gave it a shot, and as predicted, I was hooked! :D

      Yeah, I read about what's going on in your life right now, so sorry about all that. :( I hope everything gets better for you, my thoughts and prayers are with you. *huggles back*

      It's my pleasure adding your awesome stories to my blogroll, you're so talented! ;) Take your time catching up with the story, I understand. I'm up to chapter 38 writing-wise, and am on chapter...I think 30 with pictures. Thanks to Showtime, I'll be waiting to take some pictures due to some of the awesome items. But I bet by the time that rolls around, there will still be more chapters to post beforehand.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting, and again, I extend you my deepest sympathies! *glomp*

  8. I kinda thought her father would say that and you can'r blame her. He did kidnapped her first and all.
    That was quite some hot scenes again. Made me blush. I hope she can get out of this situation and change the relationship between both species.

    1. I made you blush! My job here is done! lol It would be nice if she could change the relationship, wouldn't it? Too bad her father isn't more understanding, but yes that's to be expected. Thanks again!