Facts about werewolves (according to this story):

* Humans were given their ability to shift into wolves as a means of survival many centuries ago, thus the birth of werewolves. With vampires roaming around, they turned into wolves to protect themselves, which caused the vampires to enslave them to ensure their own safety.

* Werewolves can transform any time they want, but they prefer to do so at night to hunt when no one else is around. When there's a full moon, they transform whether they want to or not due to the full moon giving them their abilities. Those nights, and during the very first transformation, they can't revert to their human forms until the sun rises. They also transform if they get extremely angry, and revert back to their human forms after they calm down. They try to keep their tempers under control because of this.

* Children can transform into wolves, but they must always have an adult with them for their own safety. The very first transformation occurs between the ages of 8 and 10, and is the most painful.

* They have super fast healing abilities, except where silver is concerned.

* Silver is their biggest weakness, for even a small amount can spread through their blood so fast that their healing powers would be ineffective. Silver can be worn on the skin but can't go into the bloodstream.

* Most werewolves prefer to transform when naked, otherwise their clothes get shredded.

* Pregnant werewolves can't transform, because doing so would more than likely kill the growing fetus.

The Pack:

The werewolf families that make up the pack of Duskwood. Information will be added as characters are introduced.

Cynthia Grover

Cynthia was Allanna's best friend back when the two lived together in Duskwood. Now in her 30s, she's managed to track down Allanna after all this time and has decided to start her life over in Morningside. She left Darius's pack after the way he treated his daughter, and her and Allanna's friendship is as strong as ever.

Darius Lycoris

Darius is the alpha male of the Duskwood wolf pack. He is their leader and whatever he says is law. He's very close-minded about vampires, but will his estranged daughter change his mind?

Lupe Lycoris

Lupe is Darius's wife, and she's fiercely loyal to her mate. She's also very protective of her children and sometimes finds herself torn between following the alpha's orders or looking out for her kids' interests.

Misc. Werewolves:


Savek was a werewolf who lived many years ago and who fell in love with a vampire named Vivica. He and his lover were put to death by the vampires of Duskwood, their son never to be born.

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