Duskwood is the main town where this story takes place. In all honesty, it's simply Twinbrook with a makeover. The creepy trees, swampy area, and fog made the perfect setting.

The swampy area is where the werewolves live while the swankier part of town is where the vampires live. The center of the town houses humans.

Duskwood has been the target of territory battles for many years, but in order to gain control of the entire town, the vampire leader comes up with a scheme to take the werewolves' land.


Bridgeport is where Allanna and Xavier stayed after fleeing Duskwood, trying to live a normal life and avoid the wrath of the Duskwood vampires.


Morningside is where the Deitrech family is currently living. It's a relatively quiet town where they hope to live a normal and discreet life among the humans. How normal will their lives be in this new town? Only time will tell...