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Chapter 30 - Changes

WARNING: This chapter contains strong language and explicit sexual content (pictures containing nudity included).

Turning thirteen wasn’t the only transition that would befall Linley. She decided she wanted to do an extracurricular activity, and she chose the newspaper staff at school. Her free time was almost consumed with writing editorials and articles for the paper, but she hoped to be the editor someday. She was also thinking of future careers and thought being a writer or reporter would be interesting.

Despite working for the newspaper, it didn’t deter Linley from having a social life. She was still able to hang out with her friends and enjoy herself, and at night she’d even go for runs as a wolf to maintain her lean figure. To her, that was ten times better than joining a gym. And gym class was such a joke – as if playing dodge ball was as effective as going for a run or even a walk.

But the biggest change that occurred in Linley’s life was when Craig announced to his friends at the lunch table one day that he’d asked out a girl he’d had a crush on and she’d said yes. So their cafeteria table of four inadvertently turned into a table of five as Adelade (or Addie for short) joined them.

Linley and Chelcie were both crushed to find out that the guy they’d had their eyes on from the moment they saw him had a girlfriend. They decided in the long run that it was better that he chose someone else, otherwise they’d be fighting over each other. But still, it wasn’t the most pleasant sight to behold. Even though PDA wasn’t allowed in the school, couples always snuck quick pecks on the cheek or stealthily held hands in the hallways. That didn’t make the situation any easier for Linley or Chelcie.

“What do you think he sees in her?” Chelcie asked one day as the two hung out in her bedroom. “I mean, what does she have that we don’t?”

“I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s more like we’re friends and he doesn’t see us that way. It would probably be too weird.”

“I guess you’re right. It still sucks though.”

Linley had to agree. But she wasn’t going to let this keep her down. She had plenty of other things in her life to contend with besides her crush getting a girlfriend. For instance, she had a newspaper article due on Friday night’s game, plus her parents were planning a wedding.

After all these years, Xavier and Allanna had decided to tie the knot for real. They’d eloped before, but now that they had good friends in town and could pass as normal, they wanted to renew their vows with a “real” wedding. Linley was to be the maid of honor, and her brothers would be the ring bearers. Linley’s friends were invited, as well as Braden and Jaden’s friends and their families (they’d already had several sleepovers of their own by this point). Linley, being the maid of honor, was helping her mother with all the girlie plans on top of her schoolwork and social life. Craig was the least of her problems.

“So, when are your parents getting married again?”

“In a few months, but it seems closer than that because there’s so much to do.”

“Where are they going for their honeymoon?”

“Nowhere, they can’t. They can’t leave me and the boys home alone for a honeymoon, and they don’t really have anyone they can call who can keep us. I mean, they could leave us alone, but you know how my brothers are. I'd go nuts in a day.”

“What about your grandparents? Or your aunts and uncles?”

“It’s…complicated. Let’s just say we don’t really have any relatives that we talk to.”

“Oh, that sucks. Well, you can stay with me. I don’t know about your brothers though, we don’t have any room for them.”

“Thanks, but we’ll see what happens.”

The girls then decided to have a Twilight marathon (when they were kids, they'd watched the Disney channel, but that station had been butchered ever since The Little Mermaid and Aladdin series, not to mention So Weird, got cancelled and replaced with the horrific Hannah Montana and the like) before Linley had to return home and work on her homework. She and Chelcie could have done it together, but why spend time at her best friend’s house doing schoolwork instead of hanging out? Besides, she could get it finished at home easily.


Meanwhile, back at the Deitrech house, Allanna and Xavier were discussing their impending wedding. There was still a lot to be done, and Allanna would occasionally rethink this decision.

“I know we have friends here,” she told Xavier skeptically, “but they’re not our best friends, you know? They’re not the people we’ve known all our lives, and that makes it feel weird.”

“It’s not too late to change your mind. We can cancel this whole thing right now if you want.”

“That’s just it. I want to have a real wedding, but I just wish my friends and family could have been here. And I know you’d like to see Malik here if no one else.”

Xavier took his wife in his arms reassuringly. “I know. I can’t deny that it won’t be the ideal wedding I always envisioned with the woman of my dreams, but the important thing is that we’ll be together.”

“If Malik was still alive, he’d probably come since I’m not a werewolf anymore. I remember when Mortius and his goons locked you in that coffin…he helped me get you out.”

“I know, but let’s not dwell on the past, Allanna. There’s nothing we can do to change it. The bottom line is, do you want this wedding or not?”

“Of course I want it. I just wish it could be perfect. I just don’t feel like myself.”

Xavier wrapped his arms around his wife, who was gazing into the mirror, her mind a cloudy haze of what might have been.

“Look at yourself,” he said gently as he put his hand under her chin. “You’re beautiful. You’re strong, independent, and you’re the woman I love. You deserve the best.”


“But what?”

“I know there’s something else you want to say. Tell me.”

Xavier sighed before softly asking, “Do you regret this? Do you regret meeting me, and getting yourself into this?”

Allanna turned around to face her husband dubiously. “Of course not,” she projected. “I love you, and I don’t regret any of this for a minute. What I do regret is costing you your best friend, and, well I’d say your family, but…”

“You lost much more than I have. You lost your family, your best friend, your siblings, and everything you’d ever known. You even lost your genes because of me, thanks to Mortius turning you into a vampire. I never should have gotten you mixed up with this.”

“It was so long ago. You were just following your leader’s orders, and unlike him, you had a change of heart. I’m glad you did. Otherwise, I’d be dead. And believe me, I’d rather be a vampire and be with you than be a werewolf and die by an enemy’s hand without ever having known the real you.”

Xavier nodded knowingly before he embraced his wife. He wrapped his hands around her face and gazed tenderly into her eyes.

“You know,” Xavier said as he looked around, “Linley is over at Chelcie’s, and the boys are doing their homework; I can tell them to play outside for a little bit…”

“Really? Before the honeymoon?”

“We can start the honeymoon early. Besides, we’ll still be here during the occasion, since we can’t leave the kids alone.”

“Well, I could use a little bonding time.”

Xavier grinned seductively as he reached out and stroked his wife's cheek. He excused himself to tell the boys to go play outside after they were finished with their homework. He hoped they wouldn’t be able to hear anything, but they seemed ecstatic enough to enjoy the outdoors once their tedious assignments were done. In fact, they seemed to finish their homework even more quickly than usual and dashed outside, where the sun wouldn't scorch their skin until they were older, within a few minutes.

In that time, Allanna and Xavier had stripped down to their undergarments and began exploring the insides of each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Both of them had endured many changes throughout the last thirteen years, but one thing that hadn’t changed was their passion for each other. It wasn’t easy finding the time or privacy for these erotic moments, but when they occurred, they took full advantage of them.

“You remember how you used to thank me for things?” Xavier asked as he temporarily broke away from their lip lock. “I’d like to thank you for being my essence, but I’d also like to apologize for all you’ve had to endure on my account.”

“Xavier, it’s nothing…”

But his lips silenced her. She didn’t bother trying to interrupt; she just let herself go. They collapsed onto the floor in front of the fireplace as their clothes were hastily torn away. Xavier’s tongue flicked over Allanna’s aroused nipples as his member grew rock-hard. Her nails raked across his back as he began to gently suck on her breast. Then, he withdrew a condom out of the bedside table (they’d finally stopped forgetting to use birth control after the boys were born) and rolled it on. Then he pulled Allanna toward him and set her on top of his lap. His member slid into her easily and she couldn’t stifle a gasp.

“Oh God,” she moaned. Xavier had missed this; one downside to being parents was that neither of them could moan in ecstasy for fear of their kids hearing them. Now, Allanna’s content and breathless voice turned him on even more, prodding him to go faster.

 “Yes!” she bellowed as Xavier went harder. “Give it to me! Fuck me!”

Xavier didn’t need to be told, but he enjoyed it thoroughly. He felt like he was ready to explode, but he didn’t want to. Not yet. He wanted to prolong this pleasure for as long as possible.

So he took it upon himself to switch positions. He stood Allanna up, spun her around so she was facing the bed, and entered her from behind. Her fingers grasped the bedspread hard enough to tear it, and she spread her legs voluntarily to allow him deeper penetration.

“Yes! Harder! Don’t stop!”

Xavier wasn’t going to stop until he was good and ready. He moved his hands from covering Allanna’s to her waist, giving him an abundant amount of leverage and a firm grip.

Allanna’s moans went up to a crescendo and she felt her fangs grow as her hunger for pleasure increased. Xavier’s own appetite imitated hers, and he guiltlessly sunk his fangs into his wife’s neck. Now that she was used to being a vampire, she found this extraneously enjoyable and Xavier could feel her body clench as she felt her climax. Xavier didn’t let up though; he just kept going as Allanna found her release several more times before he found his own. Afterward, he sunk down to the floor as they both panted for air.

“Shit,” Xavier declared as he looked at his wife. “I’ve missed that.”

“So have I. We should send the boys outside more often. Just not enough to interfere with their school work.”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Allanna asked as she stood up and put her clothes back on. She made her way downstairs as Xavier followed her, also redressed. The door masked the smell of whoever was behind it, but Allanna was almost certain she smelled…

“Cynthia,” she gasped as she opened the door.

“Hi, Allanna.”


  1. Wow! Is there going to be another one!?!?! I cant wait!! I really wanna know what is going to happen next! :D

    1. Hi Madi! Oh yes, there are quite a few more chapters coming! I finally finished the process of taking all the pictures, now I just have to proofread and crop them all. Thanks for reading and commenting, I'm glad you like the story! :)

  2. Wow how did she find them? If she knows where they are does the rest of the pack? I don't know if this is a good thing or not.

    1. hehehehe How did she find them indeed! I just had to end with another cliffhanger. :D Thanks for reading and commenting again!

  3. I hope Linley stays as innocent as she is.
    Allanna and Xavier have lots to think about and now a blast from the past, huh? I can't think this is going to be good.

    1. Oh yes, they definitely have a lot to think about. Cynthia's arrival was very unexpected for them. Some people wonder if she's there for devious purposes. I wonder...hehe Thanks for reading and commenting!