Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chapter 37 - Prom Night

WARNING: This chapter contains explicit sexual content (pictures with nudity included).

The big night arrived quickly. Linley fought off apprehension and nervousness the whole time. Tonight was the night she’d lose her most precious gift, and she’d lose it to the guy of her dreams.

She was 17 now, and so was he. It seemed like the ideal age to lose her virginity. Some girls had lost theirs at 13. Others had given birth at 14 or 15. Linley wasn’t going to make that mistake. She and Craig were going to be prepared.

The one thing Linley didn’t know, however, was where this life-changing event would take place. Craig had promised he’d set it all up and that it was a surprise. She tried not to think about how the last surprise he’d given her was a stake through her skin and his confession that he knew she was a vampire (though he'd only been half accurate).

Linley gazed at herself in the mirror. Allanna had helped her with her hair and Chelcie had helped pick out her dress. Her makeup looked natural and beautiful, and her shoes didn’t cause her to lose her balance. She also took a clutch with her, inside which were two condoms just in case Craig, being a typical male, didn’t follow through.

She was ready as she’d ever be.

At 6:45, the doorbell rang to indicate her date’s arrival. She heard her father shuffling to the door, then the door opening, and then greetings being exchanged.

She didn’t have to wait to be called, but Linley didn’t begin her descent down the stairs until Allanna informed her that Craig had arrived.

Holding her head high and her shoulders back, Linley summoned up all her courage and walked down the stairs. When she saw Craig, her heart skipped a beat. He looked so handsome in his rented tux.

“Wow,” Craig said when his eyes darted past Xavier and landed on her. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Linley replied, surprised to feel herself blushing.

Before they were permitted to leave, Linley’s parents insisted on getting some pictures. Due to their prolonged departure, Linley was more glad than ever that she’d warned Craig not to think about after the prom because her parents would be able to detect that. In fact, she told him to not think about anything other than the dancing.

Her plan seemed to work, since after a few pictures and tearful hugs, Linley and Craig scooted out the door and into the waiting limo. Linley would be experiencing several firsts tonight – her first ride in a limo, her first prom, her first time having sex…

Really, it was a lot for a hybrid to take on top of everything else. But she didn’t feel overwhelmed. She felt slightly nervous and excited, but not dreadful. She looked at Craig sitting next to her and they smiled together before exchanging a kiss. Before they knew it, they’d pulled up to the high school.

Search lights were beaming up into the sky while strobe lights danced along the side of the school’s brick exterior. Craig hooked his elbow with Linley’s and led her inside.

They could hear the pulse-pounding music before they reached the gym, which had been decorated to fit the prom theme of Under the Sea. Stepping through the gym doors was like stepping into an underwater world. The floor was covered in blue fabric and the walls had taped-up posters depicting realistic waves. Sea décor was scattered throughout the floor ranging from diver’s helmets to anemones to sea horses, and there was even a makeshift sunken ship near the photo area. Linley was impressed; the prom committee had done a great job decorating. There was even a digital fish tank and makeshift shark tank along one of the walls, as well as several balloons and bubbles floating through the air.

Tonight would truly be a night to remember.

Almost immediately, Craig dragged Linley toward the photographer’s stand, where couples were getting their pictures taken. When it was their turn, the two struck their poses and smiled.

When their photo op was finished, Linley and Craig headed to the dance floor. There was a real DJ at this prom rather than pre-recorded music playing off some lousy stereo system with crackling speakers. As they spun around the dance floor, Linley looked at all the other prom-goers. The other girls, like her, had all tried to match their dresses to appropriately fit the theme. Chelcie, on the other hand, stuck to her natural hot pink shade and stuck out like a sore thumb as she sashayed along to the music with a guy from her chemistry class.

Sky, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the prom. Not only did he not have a date, but he didn’t want to be ridiculed for going with a male date anyway, and he wasn’t about to spend hundreds of dollars to rent a tux he’d only wear once. He said he’d save that for a wedding, if he ever had one.

Still, with all the excitement of the night going on, it was hard to concentrate on anyone else’s problems. Linley and Craig danced the night away, mingled with Chelcie and her date as well as some other classmates who asked the inevitable question of what everyone planned to do after they graduated, and before long, the king and queen were crowned.

Not surprisingly, those titles went to the star football player and his cheerleader girlfriend. That was yet another cliché about the prom – in addition to couples having sex that night, the most popular athletes got to wear the crowns.

As the dance began to die down and people prepared for the post-prom party thrown by the school administration, where prom-goers could play games and win prizes, Craig led Linley outside and they began the short walk to the park. When they reached it at last, Craig took Linley in his arms and gave her a sensual kiss.

“There’s something I want to say to you,” Craig said when they pulled apart. “I’ve been wanting to say it for a long time, but now I finally can. Tonight’s the perfect time to say it, and I want you to know that I really mean it.”

Craig held onto Linley’s hands, looked tenderly into her eyes, and said with the upmost sincerity, “Linley, I love you.”

Linley felt tears of happiness sting her eyes. She’d wondered if Craig would ever say that to her, particularly before the first time they made love. Now, she didn’t have to worry about it.

“I love you too,” she said through her happy sobs. Craig stooped down to kiss her again. The kisses were gentle at first, very delicate so as not to spoil the moment. The two backed up into a slide where the kisses became more urgent.

As their senses heightened in the throes of passion, the two were barely able to stand upright. Craig sat down on the bottom of the slide and pulled Linley into his lap, their lips never parting.

Linley suddenly pulled away and looked around saying, “Here?”

“This is where we first kissed. Plus, no one’s out at this time of night. And there are bushes over there. What do you think?”

Her first time outside, on the ground, in a public park? It didn’t sound too appealing. But then again, she was part wolf and it was where she and Craig had shared their first kiss.

Besides, it was most definitely too late now to try to book a motel room, and there was no way they could go back to her house for coitus. Craig’s house was out of the question for the same reasons as Linley’s was.

She had to give Craig credit. He really had planned this evening to be special. He’d romantically thought of the first place they’d kissed, and he wanted it to be where they gave themselves to each other. The more she thought about it, the more enticing the prospect became.

So finally, Linley nodded her head and said, “This place is perfect. Just don’t get caught.”

Craig winked and, like magnets, their lips found each other once more. Linley could feel the familiar blunt object in the front of Craig’s pants poking into her thigh. This time, she was ready for it.

Retreating behind some bushes, the two continued to make out and grope each other until they were down to nothing but their underwear, Linley’s hair hanging around her shoulders having come undone during their little wrestling match.

As with any main event, there had to be an introduction. Craig, as was his usual custom these days, popped Linley’s breasts out of her bra and fondled them before inserting them one at a time into his mouth. Linley, meanwhile, grabbed hold of his firm manhood and moved her hand up and down his shaft. No matter how many times the two performed foreplay on each other, it always felt good.

But tonight, they didn’t bother with any further foreplay. Craig, aroused to the brink, reached into his pants pocket and withdrew a condom. Linley’s heart thumped in anticipation, and she could hear Craig’s heart hammering just as fast inside his chest.

Craig removed his boxer briefs and rolled the condom on. Linley shed her bra and panties as well before the two looked at each other yet again.

“I love you Linley, so much,” Craig said.

“I love you, too.”

The two kissed once more before Linley stretched out on her back and Craig positioned himself on top of her. She spread her legs as the two continued kissing, then Craig lifted his head and slowly entered her.

The pain was excruciating. Linley had to bite her nails to keep from shrieking aloud. Craig could see her discomfort, and he started to pull out.

“No,” Linley protested, “it’s okay. Just…go slow.”

Craig obliged and carefully eased himself in and out of her. Linley was afraid she wouldn’t be able to enjoy this at all, when miraculously, the pain began to subside.

It was as though it had been a figment of her imagination. It was still there, but she realized that she’d experienced a greater pain than this when she was 9 years old – her first transformation into a wolf. That had felt like every single one of her bones breaking simultaneously. Compared to that, this was nothing.

That was yet another fortuitous turn of events for Linley, much like her having the ability to control her wolf transformations and having a boyfriend who she could trust.

Too bad her luck was about to run out.

But it didn’t run out until after the love making session, which got steamier as Linley’s pain became almost obsolete. In fact, she surprised Craig by flipping him over with her brute strength and straddling him.

Linley began grinding her hips in a faster, more possessive manner, much to Craig’s delight. Guys were so lucky – losing their virginity was nothing, really. They didn’t have to worry about the pain; their main concern was finishing too early.

In fact, Craig was afraid he’d find his release before he was ready. Linley felt so good wrapped around him, and with her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode him, he felt like he’d burst.

Determined not to cum until he was ready, he then put her back on the ground, but turned her over before entering her from behind.

“Oh God,” she moaned. The wolf blood in her was craving this. And Craig delivered with no altercations.

One bad thing about getting laid in a public place – the possibility of being caught. It took all of Linley’s will power not to let out screams of ecstasy as Craig continued to plow her from behind. When she felt her first intercourse-induced orgasm, she had to bite down on her hand.

Craig found his release shortly thereafter. The two were gasping for breath, and Linley saw a little trickle of blood dripping down her legs. Still, she didn’t drink it, as that would have been incredibly disgusting. Instead, she wiped it off with her hand, and then wiped it on the ground.

It was official. Linley was now a woman. She’d made love for the first time, and she couldn’t have picked a better mate for it to have happened with.

Unfortunately, their special moment was ruined by a woman’s voice saying, “How sweet.”

The two hastened to grab their clothes and found themselves looking at a woman with titian-colored hair and piercing blue eyes. She had a smug smile on her face, and Linley thought she’d die of embarrassment right there. Couldn’t this woman have waited until they’d gotten dressed?

Then, she realized something. This was no ordinary woman. She had the aroma of a vampire. Her eyes glowed ominously and she smiled, revealing a set of glistening white fangs.

“Uh…” Craig took a step back.

“Stay here,” Linley whispered to him. To the woman, she demanded, “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Oh, so your parents didn’t tell you about me? Well, that’s not surprising. Imagine, me seeing you for the first time, and you’re 17 years old. It took quite a while to find you, and I wish you were younger, but at least you aren’t a fully matured vampire yet.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Forgive me, I should introduce myself. My name is Gloria Caldwell.”


  1. Crap I knew that bitch would be back at some point. I hope Linley can fight her off but Gloria is older and stronger. What will happen now???
    If she doesn't kill Craig hopefully he will make it back to tell her parents if Gloria takes Linley.

    Well their first time, how sweet although I still don't trust him.

    Please please let Linley be ok.

    1. lol Of course Gloria is back! I couldn't just let her vanish from the story entirely after her father was killed. :D Yeah, Linley gave into her hormones. Silly teenagers...hopefully she'll be okay. But I'll tell you now, Gloria has a lot on her mind besides Linley the hybrid. Aaahhh!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. First off Craig I hate you, just saying, second off Craig you dirty dog ;) getting funky in the bushes hehe. I wonder how he pulled of just thinking about dancing when he was with her parents. Must have toke alot of effort. :D
    I knew it, I knew it. I knew Gloria would come, it was invitable, destined to happen. (yeah I'm getting alittle dramtic) But I swear if she hurts Linley I'm jumping through the screen and bitch slapping her until her heads flys off!!!! And it was nice knowing you Craig but yeah your going to die :/ sorry. LOL
    Were are the meddling brothers when you needed them! Maybe they heard something, snicth and Xaiver and Allana are on their way without so much as a bye. They see Gloria, Xavier rips her head of, Allana lets Linely have it and Happly ever after their all saved!! But that's probably not how it's going to go, sadly.
    Great Chapter, Happy Easter :)

    1. HAHA! I love your reactions to Craig! Yeah, he was probably all "I'm just dancing with her in my mind, la la la." :D Indeed, Gloria's return was inevitable. You saw it coming! LOL! Oh please, don't hurt my computer screen! lol Will Craig die? That would be the icing on the cake, wouldn't it? Typical brothers, never around when you need them, always around when you don't. They're spending prom night doing something else, who knows what. Or maybe they are spying like you said. You'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out! hehe Happy Easter to you too, thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. OMG poor kids can't even woohoo for the first time without that wretch cock blocking. haha. I loved your use of the word "coitus" LOVE IT!

    1. HAHA! Yes, coitus. Thank the Big Bang Theory for that one. :D And lol cock blocking. That's all they always remember your first time but good grief, that isn't the part you want to remember, some psycho vampire showing up for revenge! :D