Summaries of the events happening in each chapter

Chapter 1 - Legends
The legends of werewolves and vampires are explained as Allanna picks Cynthia up from work. Their paths unexpectedly collide with Xavier when he saves them from potential assaults.

Chapter 2 - In the Shadows
Xavier returns home to find Gloria waiting for him. He remembers his first love, Scarlet. Allanna and Cynthia discuss how hard it is for werewolves to survive.

Chapter 3 - Abduction
Allanna's family is introduced as they come into the store she works in. Her fate changes as Xavier abducts her in a deserted alley.

Chapter 4 - Purgatory
Cynthia discovers that Allanna has been abducted. Allanna is held prisoner in a cage with Xavier guarding her, leaving her no way to escape.

Chapter 5 - A Different Outlook
Allanna has been held prisoner for the past three months and has remained a wolf most of the time. She meets Malik, Gloria, and Jebadiah.

Chapter 6 - Confessions and Confusions
Xavier explains what happens to his mother, and Allanna gives him a second perspective on the situation, causing him to do something rash.

Chapter 7 - Unthinkable
Xavier and Allanna hide out in Vegas, and they shockingly stay civil to each other. Allanna gets her hair cut and buys some new clothes while Xavier decides to change his hunting tactic.

Chapter 8 - Losing Control
Allanna and Xavier are both confused about their growing feelings for each other. Mortius discovers that Xavier has escaped with the prisoner and plots to punish him.

Chapter 9 - Opposites Attract
Darius tries to think of a plan to save his daughter. Allanna's 21st birthday approaches and she dreads the company she'll have to celebrate it with...until Xavier breaks out a surprise.

Chapter 10 - Insatiable Appetite
Xavier takes Allanna out for her 21st birthday and the night ends with an unexpected twist of events.

Chapter 11 - Unexpected Visitor
Xavier and Allanna discuss the previous night's activities, until an unexpected guest appears.

Chapter 12 - Fugitives
After a confrontation with Mortius, Xavier and Allanna flee in the hopes of finding a new place to hide out.

Chapter 13 - Sanctuary
Allanna and Xavier manage to escape from Mortius and find solace in an old hideout. The place isn't much, but they find ways to occupy their time...

Chapter 14 - Futility
Hiding out in Shadow Grove, Allanna and Xavier come up with a plan that could change history and Allanna goes to her parents with it.

Chapter 15 - Consequences
Xavier approaches Mortius with a proposition involving the Duskwood war, while Allanna makes a startling discovery at home.

Chapter 16 - Alpha and Omega
After Allanna's shocking discovery, she tells her mother the truth, which backfires on her in a way that could cost both her and Xavier their lives.

Chapter 17 - Evening the Odds
Allanna bravely ventures into the vampire territory of Duskwood hoping to find Xavier, while her pack also makes their way past the invisible barrier to declare war.

Chapter 18 - Tribunal
Allanna and Xavier hide out in Bridgeport, where they decide to make their love official with a marriage license. Meanwhile, the vampires plot their revenge for Xavier's treason.

Chapter 19 - Propagation
Allanna and Xavier think of names for their baby and enjoy christening their new apartment and car. But their bliss comes to an end when a romantic evening of star gazing takes a deadly turn.

Chapter 20 - A New Breed
Allanna's fate, as well as that of her and Xavier's offspring, is determined when a new breed of creature is brought into the world.

Chapter 21 - Blood Lust
Allanna and Xavier learn to cope with being parents of a half vampire, half werewolf baby, which proves to be very challenging in certain unavoidable aspects.

Chapter 22 - Intrusion
Allanna and Xavier celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, but find one of their worst fears becoming a reality.

Chapter 23 - Malice
Allanna and Xavier rush to rescue Linley from Mortius, but their plan isn't easily executed when unpredictable and dire events ensue.

Chapter 24 - No Turning Back
Allanna's body battles a new transformation after she was forced to drink Mortius's blood. Along with her body, her fate changes forever.

Chapter 25 - A New Beginning
Allanna and Xavier move to the town of Morningside to protect Linley and their twin boys, Braden and Jaden. Linley is now eight years old, and she makes an unexpected announcement to her parents.

Chapter 26 - First Day
Linley attends public school for the first time and learns what it's like to be a "normal" kid.

Chapter 27 - Blood Moon
Linley is invited to Chelcie's house for their very first sleepover. An innocent night of fun and bonding turns into a nightmare for Linley when an uncontrollable transformation grips her body.

Chapter 28 - Ultimatum
Allanna teaches Linley that transforming into a wolf is painless after the first time, and she gets a better grasp on the process. Five years later, she's a teenager in middle school who finds new prey to pursue.

Chapter 29 - Transition
Linley celebrates her 13th birthday party with her friends, and she makes a simple wish that seems so easy to accomplish. Will it come true? Only time will tell.

Chapter 30 - Changes
Craig makes a crushing confession for Linley and Chelcie, and a very unexpected guest arrives at the Deitrech house.

Chapter 31 - Blast from the Past
Allanna is reunited with her best friend after 13 years, and five months later, she and Xavier officially tie the knot. At the happy occasion, Craig asks Linley out on a date.

Chapter 32 - Interventions
Linley goes on her very first date with Craig, but her parents aren't thrilled about the news and try to intervene.

Chapter 33 - Heart of a Hybrid
An unexpected announcement from Skyler causes the class bully to pick on him for a whole other reason. Linley's temper seethes as she stands up to the bully, but though her heart is in the right place, her actions have serious consequences.

Chapter 34 - Compromise
After the confrontation in the hallway, Linley feels guilty about her outburst and ponders what everyone will think of her.

Chapter 35 - Spilled Secrets
Linley's relationship with Craig is still going strong, but she's put to the ultimate test when Craig starts getting suspicious regarding various things that happen to her.

Chapter 36 - Guilty Pleasures
After Craig promises to keep Linley's secret, they're still going strong after a whole year. A party at Chelcie's house prompts them to take their relationship to a new level, and they make a pact regarding prom night.

Chapter 37 - Prom Night
Linley and Craig have big plans for prom night regarding taking their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, the blissful night is ruined by someone from the past that Linley doesn't even know.

Chapter 38 - Unanswered Questions
Gloria's return causes a dire situation for Linley and her parents. She must either risk losing Craig forever or risk her and her parents dying at the hands of a distraught foe.

Chapter 39 - Vengeance
Gloria has kidnapped Craig and uses him as leverage to put an end to Linley and her parents permanently. The Deitrech family flies to Duskwood to save him and hopefully rid the world of Gloria once and for all.

Chapter 40 - Fare Thee Well
Craig is safe, but Linley's heart isn't when he drops a bombshell on her that she never expected. On top of that, her parents now know that she told Craig everything about them, not to mention what happened on prom night.

Chapter 41 - The Monster Inside
Linley tries to mend her broken heart by embracing her hybrid instincts, knowing that she can never be a normal human.

Chapter 42 - Time After Time
Linley is spiraling out of control, living her life as the monster she sees herself as being. Meanwhile, her parents are worried about her and the inevitable fact that one day, Xavier and the boys will die while Allanna will keep on living.

Chapter 43 - Exodus
Linley explains her plan to her parents, but they aren't as receptive to it as she'd hoped. This causes her to set things straight on her own, no matter how dangerous it might be.