Deitrech Family

The main family of this story, where the events unfold.

Xavier Deitrech

Xavier has been a vampire for almost a century, but he wasn't turned into one by choice. He was actually born that way. He was instructed to guard the wolf pack leader's daughter, but she changed his perspective of where he stood in the inevitable war and the two fell in love. They are now happily married and the parents of three children.

Allanna Lycoris-Deitrech

The eldest daughter of the alpha male of the wolf pack, Allanna was the target of the vampires' diabolical plot to take over her pack's territory. That plot was shattered when she and the handsome vampire who was her guardian fell in love and fled Duskwood. However, Allanna's fate was changed forever when the elder vampire Mortius forced her to drink his blood, which consumed her werewolf genes and turned her into the very creature she'd spent a lifetime despising (until Xavier had opened her eyes). She will never again be able to transform into a wolf, and she will live forever unlike her vampire-born husband.

Linley Deitrech

Linley is the daughter of Xavier and Allanna, and she is the only one of her kind. She's known as a hybrid, half vampire and half werewolf, as she has the genes of both of her parents. Some look at her as a danger while her parents look at her as living proof that vampires and werewolves can get along and end the centuries-long feud between the two species. Who knows what paths Linley will take later in life?


Braden and Jaden Deitrech

Braden and Jaden are the full-blooded vampire twins of Allanna and Xavier. They were born not long after Mortius was killed and can be quite a handful for their parents and older sister at times. But, as with their daughter, their parents will protect them at all costs.

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