Facts about vampires (according to this story):

* Vampires were formerly humans who sacrificed their souls to a higher power and drank blood at a ritual in order to gain immortality.

* They can control when their fangs come out, though most only allow this when they're feeding so they can blend in with humans.

* Vampires can eat and drink human food, but they must have blood to quench their thirst. They can drink animal or human blood, but human blood makes them more powerful.

* If a human is turned into a vampire by a bite, they will not age - they'll have the same appearance they had when they were bitten and transformed.

* Vampires can procreate, and baby vampires age like humans, only much slower. It would take roughly three times as long for a vampire to age one year as it does for a human to age five. However, children vampires age normally until they reach 18 years of age, then the slower process begins.

* It takes being bitten three times and then drinking blood within 24 hours of the last bite to fully transform into a vampire. That process takes approximately three days.

* There are a few ways to kill a vampire - drive a wooden stake through its heart, burn it into ashes, or tear it to pieces. A werewolf can also kill a vampire, since their teeth are strong enough to penetrate the skin, which would make it easy to rip it apart.

The Clan:

The vampires that make up the clan of Duskwood. Information will be added as characters are introduced.

Mortius Caldwell

The leader of the Duskwood vampire clan, Mortius is hell-bent on eradicating all werewolves from the world. His current diabolical plot is to kidnap the eldest daughter of the wolf pack's alpha male and use her as a bargaining chip to get the wolves to leave their territory and let the vampires assume control of it. Mortius is also one of the oldest vampires of all time. He's nearly 500 years old, and he was one of the first to transform into a vampire centuries ago when humans sacrificed their souls for immortality. Because he's an elder vampire, his powers go beyond reading the minds of others. He can also teleport, make others think about him, and even control the thoughts and actions of others. He's a deadly opponent and one that shouldn't be crossed. Still, Allanna and Xavier were able to stake him after he made the fatal mistake of kidnapping Linley when she was a toddler.

Gloria Caldwell

The beautiful daughter of the Duskwood vampire clan's leader, Gloria hopes to make Xavier her mate. Unfortunately for her, Xavier is the one male that refuses her advances, which brings out her dramatic and jealous genes. Gloria is fiercely loyal to her father and will do anything to please him. She was hell-bent on avenging her father's death, but ended up sharing his fate in the end thanks to Linley's hybrid strength.

Malik Halbred

Malik is Xavier's best friend, but he's still jealous that Gloria would rather make Xavier his mate rather than himself. Still, he doesn't harbor a grudge against his best friend, and even though his father is Mortius's right hand man, Malik would still do anything for Xavier. Unfortunately, that cost him his life when he defied Mortius to help Xavier and Allanna escape.

Vivica Deitrech

Vivica was Xavier's mother who was killed for treason because she fell in love and bred with a werewolf. Her morbid death has never left Xavier's mind, and he swore to avenge her one day, because all she did was fall in love. Perhaps history will repeat itself...

Jebadiah Deitrech

Jebadiah is Xavier's teenage brother. He's very rebellious and is fully on the side of the rest of the Duskwood clan involving their mother. He isn't particularly loyal to anyone, but he doesn't defy orders, especially if they come from Mortius or his father.

Scarlet Rivera

Scarlet was Xavier's first love, and the two were inseparable for many years. Unfortunately, her life was cut short by a vampire hunter, much to the chagrin of Xavier. No one has been able to compare to Scarlet for Xavier, but perhaps someday...

Cedric Halbred

The father of Malik, Cedric is Mortius's right-hand man and one of the stronger vampires. He isn't considered an elder, but he's one of Mortius's oldest friends.

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