Other Species



Facts about hybrids (according to this story):

* Hybrids are the offspring of a werewolf and vampire, and one hasn't been seen for centuries. Linley Deitrech is the first one of her kind for many years, and she is the only one of her kind in existence to date.

* Hybrids transform into wolves like their werewolf counterparts, but they aren't forced to do so when there's a full moon. They can transform whenever they wish to.

* The thirst for blood is part of being a hybrid, just like their vampire counterparts. However, it's not required to survive or to satiate their thirst - many hybrids prefer to eat meat instead of drink blood.

* Like both vampires and werewolves, hybrids are inhumanely strong and have heightened senses. In fact, because they possess both genes, they're even stronger than a single vampire or werewolf by itself.

* A hybrid can't be killed by ordinary means. A silver bullet or wooden stake won't cut it. There are only two known ways to kill a hybrid - to rip its heart from its chest, or decapitate it.

The Hybrids:

The known hybrids in existence.

Linley Deitrech

Linley is the rare offspring of a vampire and werewolf, so she possesses the genes of both species. Still, she just wants to be normal and went to public school to do so. Her secret was discovered by what she thought was the love of her life, but unfortunately she's now suffering from a broken heart from her beloved's betrayal. Perhaps time will heal her wounds...time, and giving in to her hybrid instincts.


Facts about humans (according to this story):

* Humans don't possess any special abilities, unlike werewolves, vampires, and hybrids.

* They're the most dominant species in existence, though they have no idea there are supernatural creatures among them.

The Humans:

The human acquaintances in Morningside.

Chelcie Wilkins

Chelcie is the first friend that Linley makes while going to public school. She has a strong love for horses and is fiercely loyal to those she cares about. She also has a not-so-secret crush on Craig and, since becoming a teen, is pretty boy crazy.

Skyler Doherty

Skyler is more of the quiet type, and he's very shy around people who aren't close friends. He and Chelcie have known each other for years, and he welcomed Linley into their friendship with open arms. He's more reserved and less outspoken than his companions, but he's still a good friend to have.

Craig Gibson

Originally from Appaloosa Plains, Craig moved to Morningside during junior high school. He and Linley were formerly a couple, but after a life-threatening situation with an old nemesis, Craig decided to call it quits. What impact will this have on Linley's heart?